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Moon Sighted

There were reports of moon being sighted in San Diego, CA. Darul Uloom Canada has accepted those reports and will commence the first day of Ramdhan 1443 on Saturday, April 2nd, 2022.

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Dua- 15th Sha'ban

Aisha (ra) narrated that once the Prophet (saw) remained in Sajdah for so long during this night that she became scared and touched his foot to make sure he was still alive. He (saw) moved his foot and she heard him reciting this dua.

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Daylight Savings

This weekend we lose an hour of sleep. It is time to roll forward hour clocks for daylight saving. The Salah times at the masjid of Darul Uloom have changed and the prayer times table has been updated.

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Significance of Sha'baan

The eighth month of the lunar calendar, Shaaban, is significant for many reasons. It is the month that precedes Ramadan, the holy month most beloved to Prophet Mohammed ﷺ. The Muslims start getting ready for the month of Ramadan in Sha'baan. Allah, the All-Mighty ordered the Messenger ﷺ to change the Qiblah in the middle of Sha'baan. Qiblah, the direction towards which Muslims face when they pray, had been in the direction of Masjid Al-Aqsa for thirteen years in Makkah and for nearly eighteen months in Madinah. Verses of the Quran were revealed instructing him ﷺ and all Muslims to turn from Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem towards the Holy Kaabah in Makkah. Most interpretations date this incident to the middle of the month of Shaaban. Narrations of the Prophet Mohammed ﷺ show that it is recommended to fast during Shaaban. It is narrated by a well-known companion, Anas bin Malik RA, that Prophet Mohammed ﷺ was asked: “Which fast is the most meritorious after the fasting of Ramadan?” He ﷺ replied, “Fasting of Shaaban in honor of Ramadan.” The deeds done in Shaaban are like mental and physical training for Ramadan. Many of us may experience difficulty when they start the fast in Ramadan, however those who start in Shaaban, their bodies may get used to fasting and not feel so lethargic and weak when Ramadan begins. Shaaban is like an introduction and it has some things in common with Ramadan, such as fasting, reciting Quran and giving to charity. It is reported by Aisha RA that “The Messenger of Allah used to fast until we thought he would never break his fast, and not fast until we thought he would never fast. I never saw the Messenger of God fasting for an entire month except in Ramadan, and I never saw him fast more than he did in Shaaban.” Usamah ibn Zaid RA has narrated, “I said to the Prophet ﷺ, ’O Messenger of Allah! I did not see you fasting in any month as you do in the month of Shaaban.’ To which he ﷺ said, ‘People neglect this month which is between Rajab and Ramadan. In this month the actions of the people are presented to Allah, the Most-Merciful, so I like my deeds to be presented while I am fasting.’” Though fasting is made obligatory in Ramadan, fasting in Shaaban is beneficial in a number of ways as it offers a chance to start preparing for Ramadan. In Shaaban, many Muslim scholars and others used to consistently recite and read the Holy Quran along with fasting, which also helps in getting our routines of worship in place for the coming month of Ramadan. If we begin increasing acts of worship a month in advance, we will enjoy the fruits of our efforts in the holy month of Ramadan.

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About Us

                            Darul-Uloom Canada is a charitable organization providing an Islamic environment to learn Quran and Sunnah.  The organization offers a full time Hifz Program, a six-year Alim Program, a two-year Ifta Program and a Primary Education Program.  You’ll find students, parents, our experienced faculty – all with shared beliefs – working together towards a common goal.  Darul Uloom staff is dedicated to enable our youth to reach and expand their potential and to prepare them to become productive, responsible, and compassionate members of society.

The institution is not just a full-time religious school.  It is open to the community for five time daily prayers, Jumua, Taraweeh and Eid prayers.  There are monthly gatherings for the community to derive spiritual benefit and create strong ties amongst one another.   During the various Islamic months, there are arrangements made for worshipers to observe prescribed prayers, fasting and other forms of worship. 

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Desired Sunnah

The miswak is a desire sunnah of Our beloved Prophet pbuh. If you have not already, let us try to add this Sunnah to our lives this Ramdhan to keep forever.

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The Night is Near, 15th of Sha'ban

The month of Shaban is one of the most blessed months of the Islamic year. The Prophet (saw) replied, “Sha’ban is the month between Rajab and Ramadan which is neglected by many people. And it is a month in which an account of deeds (of human beings) is presented before the Lord of the Universe, so I wish that my deeds be presented at a time when I am in a state of fasting” [Abu Dawud]. The main blessing of this night is that Allah (swt) pours His mercy and forgiveness on this night, between sunset and dawn. Prophet (SAW) narrated that on this night, from sunset until dawn, Allah asks His servants, “Is there anyone asking forgiveness from Me so that I may forgive him? Is there anyone seeking provision from Me so that I may provide for him? Is there anyone suffering so that I may relieve his suffering?” [Ibn Majah]

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Completion of Session 2021-22

The school year is coming to a completion for the session year 2021-2022. The students of Alim & Hifz Program at Darul Uloom will start preparations soon to revise for the year end exams. We request your prayers for the graduating class of the Alimiyyah Program. They will finish the lessons of six well-known hadith collection including Sahih al-Bukhari by the end of this month.

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Dua Archives: 1st of Rajab

Our beloved messenger, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ used to recite the following dua when observing the new moon of Rajab:

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