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INSIGHT eMagazine

The latest release of the INSIGHT magazine is now available. You can find the magazine on our website at the following link: You can select to receive notification for Masjid & Madersah activities, events, and more by filling out the subscription form:

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Desired Sunnah

The miswak is a desire sunnah of Our beloved Prophet pbuh. If you have not already, let us try to add this Sunnah to our lives this Ramdhan to keep forever.

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About Us

                            Darul-Uloom Canada is a charitable organization providing an Islamic environment to learn Quran and Sunnah.  The organization offers a full time Hifz Program, a six-year Alim Program, a two-year Ifta Program and a Primary Education Program.  You’ll find students, parents, our experienced faculty – all with shared beliefs – working together towards a common goal.  Darul Uloom staff is dedicated to enable our youth to reach and expand their potential and to prepare them to become productive, responsible, and compassionate members of society.

The institution is not just a full-time religious school.  It is open to the community for five time daily prayers, Jumua, Taraweeh and Eid prayers.  There are monthly gatherings for the community to derive spiritual benefit and create strong ties amongst one another.   During the various Islamic months, there are arrangements made for worshipers to observe prescribed prayers, fasting and other forms of worship. 

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