How to Contribute

Darul Uloom is a non-profit organization.  We collect funds for zakat, sadaqah, and qurbani.  In addition, we accept general donations for the day to day operations of a masjid, madarsah, and school.   There are several ways you can donate to the success of Darul Uloom Canada.

Preferred Method:   

You can donate using our New Donation Portal with IRM.  The portal provides several ways to donate. Please click the link below or scan the QR code to browse to the Donation Portal.

Donation Portal


    Direct e-Transfer Method:

    You can also send us an e-Transfer directly if you do not want to sign up on our Donation Portal.  The e-Transfer method ensures that 100% of your donation is contributed to Darul Uloom whether you choose to use the Donation Portal linked above or directly through your bank.  However, you must provide your email and mailing address when you send it using your bank so that we can send you a receipt. Our email for sending e-Transfers is

    Another Method:

                             click the button below to donate through Canada Helps (a service fee of 3.75% is charged by Canada Helps)

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